Making the most of your investment at industry exhibitions

Preparation and planning for an exhibition is crucial. You will undoubtedly have considered your objectives and identified what you want to achieve by exhibiting at the trade show. This might be to launch a new product or innovation, raise the profile of your brand, generate new leads and sales, and/or attract talent for recruitment purposes....
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What’s the story (Morning Glory?)

What’s the story (Morning Glory?) No this isn’t a post about Oasis however it might be worth mentioning … (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? completely changed the band’s trajectory: The album, at the time, became the third-best-selling LP in England’s history, topped only by the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Queen’s Greatest...
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Start with your customer in mind

The channels and tools available to businesses and marketers have changed dramatically in the last 50 years. The fundamentals haven’t changed much at all.  Start with your customer in mind and work backwards. If you understand your customer and target audience it makes your marketing decisions and journey far simpler.   Invest time in profiling...
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Shortbread stooshie takes the biscuit

When is a Scottish product no longer a Scottish product? Apparently, according to some, when it is packaged in tin with a Union Jack design. A storm in a shortbread tin has erupted online after Scottish food manufacturer Walkers decided to sell some of its famous delicacies in containers bedecked in the flag of the...
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Backing Buy North-East Initiative

Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce has launched a new campaign to persuade businesses in north-east Scotland to source more products and services from within the region and in turn support fellow local firms. The aim is to retain more money in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and give the local economy a shot in the arm....
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History repeating itself

Are companies too quick to change their branding or ditch an ad campaign? We take a look at how history can repeat itself. The old adage of holding onto something for long enough and it’ll come back into fashion seems truer today than ever. Perhaps it’s this age of austerity that we’re living in or...
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