The full extent of the term marketing can often be misunderstood.

The perception of marketing often jumps straight to the tactics used to promote a business, service or product – advertising, press releases, social media, websites, brochures, posters, videos – let’s face it the tools and channels are abundant.

But there’s a great lot of work to be done before we get down to tactics.

“Seek first to understand before being understood”

Who are you selling to?  What are they “actually” buying?  Where are they?  When? Why?

Innes Associates will work with you to fully understand your market(s), the audience(s) you need to target, the messages you need to craft to communicate your value, your business challenges, aspirations and goals.

Based on this understanding we can identify a solid marketing strategy and plan to help you succeed.

We can then create the messages and content and help you deliver these using the right tools and channels.

Marketing services:
Marketing strategy and planning

Sales aligned marketing
Branding – positioning, creation and management
Content marketing
Digital marketing
Training and workshops
Design and Print
Event and exhibition management
Promotional gifts

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